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Godible app is a client project for Family Federation to redesign the web infrastructure and add new functionality to the service. Godible provides daily scripture readings in both podcast and reading form.


Web, iOS (coming soon), Android (coming soon)


Several improvements were required from a plain website previously hosted on Shopify.

  1. Create a native mobile app
  2. A premium Godible Pro tier.
  3. Scripture search by keyword and topic
  4. Allow login for user playlists and personal notes
  5. Add push notification capaibility
  6. Overhaul current text message and email notification infrastructure
  7. Improve backend efficiency of the content management (CMS)
  8. Visual redesign the experience


Our team successfully planned and implemented all features.

  1. We used Ionic to efficiently create a web and native app in a single codebase.
  2. We used Stripe to create a subscription pay as you like service
  3. We used Algolia indexing and a data model to create topic tags, books, and speeches.
  4. We created a secure and scalable account system using the MongoDB via Parse framework.
  5. We provided push notification systems for iOS and Android
  6. We upgraded Twilio and SendGrid systems, removing the need for Zapier for signfiicant cost savings.
  7. We created a powerful content management system using Coda with AI powered tagging and quote selectin, a table-based service, and provided training for the content team.
  8. We improved the UX by creating a visually appealing customer journey from first load to regular paying user.


  • Godible continues to provide services for 1000+ daily active users.


  • UX Design
  • Engineering
  • Marketing Support
  • Maintenance

Tech Stack

  • Next.js
  • React
  • Ionic
  • Tailwind
  • MongoDB (Parse Framework)
  • Twilio API
  • SendGrid API
  • Algolia


  • 3 months (March-June 2023) design and development
  • Ongoing maintainence


Godible Mobile ready welcome page Because of the users want to listen in various enviroments, Godible is designed for mobile (above) and desktop

Godible Homepage UX Godible has dark mode to allow users to read content in the most comfortable way (episode above)

Godible Notes Users are use the app for self-study. Notes can be taken while listening to an episode

Godible Savable Bookmarks Users can save bookmarks and named lists of their favorite episodes

Godible User Lists and Speech Lists Lists can be saved, ordered, or deleted

Godible Personal Settings Calendar Streak Users have a calendar to see their streak, listening and note history

Godible Set Notifications User can set their language and set notifications (email, text, push) to challenge themself to continue reading

Godible Homepage UX Users can search the topics and content of 2000+ episodes and speeches

Godible Homepage UX Newly added features allow user to explore episodes in specific books

Godible Homepage UX In addition to books, speeches can be listened to and saved as lists

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