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Lingohunt is a soon to be release language learning puzzle app that that features AI-generated daily puzzles and an unlimited challenge mode.


Web, iOS (coming soon), Android (coming soon)


Most language learning platforms are gamified, but aren't as compelling as actual games. Further, language learning content requires significant work to make for hundreds of language pairs and learner levels.


Inspired by the success of Wordle, Lingohunt aims to offer a daily language puzzle game that captivates learners with mental challenges, risk of failure, breakthroughs, and rewards. AI generation workflows enable the creation of accurate and engaging learning content across various languages and levels.


  • A fun and addictive puzzle game where a single developer can provide quality language content and maintainece.


  • UX Design
  • Engineering
  • Logo Design
  • Avatar and Icon Illustration
  • Maintainence

Tech Stack

  • Next.js (with Serverless Functions)
  • React
  • Ionic
  • Tailwind
  • Postgres (with SQL Functions)

Avatar and Icon Illustration

Lingohunt UX The illustrations help strike a balance between clean and focused UI and gamification

Lingohunt UX New accounts generate a random avatar that can later be editable. This is used for future leaderboard and multiplayer functionality


Lingohunt UX The Lingohunt game is designed for a variety of challenging experiences in a simple set a game rules. The game also helps learners at every level achieve language learning objectives of introduciing new words in fun challenging ways

Lingohunt UX Users need to be able to access the app in a mobile interface

Lingohunt UX Users have access to translations, pronounciations, and can save the words for later.

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