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Watch Family Fed is a client project for Family Federation. It is a video platform for spiritual educators to create a learning playlist for their students in a synchronous educational experience.


Previously, Family Fed educators were limited to using a single version of course material to deliver synchronized content to a diverse audience.


The app allows educators to create customized "shows" which are similar to video playlists based on their unique target audience language and background. Educators can select, rearrange, and display the content for the audience.


  • 2.5 months development time (March-July 2022)
  • Then ongoing maintainence



Tech Stack

  • Next.js
  • React
  • Chakra
  • Postgres


  • UX Design
  • Engineering
  • Maintainence


watch Family Fed UX Educators can explore the newest available content or filter by category

watch Family Fed UX Dark mode and playback features such as autoplay are designed for the best viewing experience

watch Family Fed UX Mobile-ready design was important because educators sometimes present content on their phones or tablets

watch Family Fed UX Educators can customize the shows to fit their audience's needs

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